Slow Mo Booth Brisbane

If you feel the traditional photo booth isn’t for you, we have an alternative: the slow mo booth. This booth uses specialty high-speed cameras to film your guests in slow motion and play it back instantly on high-def screens. With a suitcase full of props and flattering lighting, let your guests’ imaginations take over as they laugh themselves silly and entertain the other guests! Our booth takes care of the lighting, while our friendly operators help manage the props and ensure your event’s booth experience goes off without a hitch.

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What kind of events suit the Slo Mo Booth?

  • Hosts looking to add some fun and hilarity to their wedding reception or party
  • Corporate events that want to stand out from the competition
  • Staff parties who want to inject a whole lot of fun that will be remembered by everyone Expo booths looking to draw people to their display
  • Brands looking to boost their profile and spread awareness online and in the community
slow motion booth brisbane
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Why we are the go-to company for all things slo mo:

  • A full 1080p HD camera that records true slow motion — a distortion-free 200 frames per second with crystal clear colours
  • Our four-point lighting system that separates the guests in the shot from the background, while softly illuminating everyone in the frame
  • The instant playback and loop system that never needs buffering or pausing
  • Our operators are all photography and film experts with extensive experience, resulting in on-site troubleshooting and professional images