Meet the Hello Booth Team

Hello Booth is a team of snap-happy photoboothologists who are so passionate about their work that they made up a new word! We want nothing more than to add fun, laughter and just a touch of silliness and whimsy to your big event. Just like our booth, we like to keep it cute, so we strive to give excellent value for the low prices we charge.

Hello Booth is a team of image makers, filmmakers and designers who wanted to create an original photo booth experience. We wanted to roll the nostalgia of 80s photo booths into the new century, resulting in super fun photo strips with cheesy props and perfect lighting.

We keep it simple: quality prints, sleek booths, stunning lightning and top-notch customer service are the heart of what we do. We built our own booths to do it better than anyone else, so know that when you come to us, you’re in good hands. We want nothing more than to help you plan the perfect event, so if you have a crazy idea you’d like to incorporate into your event, please let us know! Chances are we’ll be just as excited about it as you are.

Commercial photography, feature films, music videos and online media: these are all the
experiences we bring into our compact photo booth. Happy Booth is an amazing outlet for every one single one of us to experiment with and keep on exploring and sharing. You can find us in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast — let us bring life to your party!